June 15, 2016 Raccoon

Shortly after noon today I let the 8 week old chicks out into the big pen for the first time. They loved it!! I took their water container into the house to refill it and returned to hang it in the coop run. Less than ten minutes had passed since I opened the coop door to let them into the big pen. I turned around to walk out the gate and a scruffy raccoon was trying to come under the gate!!! He was fussing and seemed quite unhappy that he couldn’t get to the oblivious chicks. I was only four feet from him and he walked around the perimeter of the pen looking for a way to get in, fussing the whole time. He walked away and disappeared into the woods when my husband opened the house door. That was too scary and the chicks had to go back into the coop run. They will be closed in the coop at night. A trap is set for our predator in front of the pen gate now! I know he will be back 🙁

Hope to be able to add a picture of the trapped raccoon!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: A month has passed without return of the raccoon! I hear they are smart so maybe he got shocked by the electric perimeter fence on his first visit and doesn’t have another visit in mind. Sure hope not!

September 27, 2016 HAWK

I went outside around 9am to check for eggs and there was a HAWK in the pen! All the chickens were hiding under one of the coops except the largest, who was patroling in the pen yard. When I approached the hawk squeezed between the fence and top netting and flew away. Everyone of our hens is bigger than that hawk. We found 3 holes in the netting that were patched and now I will hang some CDs from the netting. The flickering light from the reflected sun is suppose to scare owls and hawks….hope this works, in all the excitement this morning I misplaced my phone!

CDs hung from netting and misplaced phone found!

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