June 2016

We have several additions to the chicken pen to introduce some fun into the pen: dried meal worms, a small child size plastic pool, an ear of corn on a string, spaghetti treat, 2 large dust bath flower pots and a plastic treat bottle drilled with 1/4 inch holes. It takes some time for chickens to become accustomed to new things in their pen but the corn on a string was a favorite because they had been introduced to it in the coop run.
The dried meal worms were an immediate hit even though the chicks had never seen them before!
The chickens have learned to roll the bottle to get the treat to fall out and they eagerly eat any cracked corn that shakes out of the bottle. They are pecking at the bottle now!

The plastic pool with water has been totally avoided by the chickens even though youtube has videos of swimming chickens 🙂 Guess our 90+ degree weather doesn’t bother the chickens enough for them to explore the pool! They love watermelon so we are trying to entice them into the pool.

A large flower pot filled with compost and soil for those important dust baths!

Enjoying their first taste of spaghetti….especially the noodles!
Grass will not grow in the shady chicken pen so now and then the chickens get sod to play in and eat!

September 2016

Dust bathing is a favorite past time in the chicken pen.


March 2017

Hubby made a jungle gym for the girls with screws to hold cabbage, apples or etc. on the top rail. They love it!




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