August 11, 2016
This week we added layer pellets to their feeder and a container with oyster shells and broken egg shells to their outside pen.


First Egg layed on the coop sand

What a surprise, Cayenne, our 16 week old White Leghorn with the floppy red comb laid the first egg on August 11th. She then skipped a day and laid her next egg in the nest! Hurrah!!


A day later two eggs waited in the same nest!

One of the IRA Browns laid an extra long egg!

By August 18th we had our very first complete Dozen.
We also had an egg with no shell/ just membrane layed in the sand so another hen is learning to be a layer.

IMG_20160822_092338827_HDR The first two eggs that were cracked had double yolks!

PS: August 30, 2016 – Two weeks after that first egg, we collected five white and brown eggs today after many 3 and 4 egg days. The Easter Eggers have not laid any of their colored eggs yet.

PSS: Sept. 7, 2016 The first day that we found 7 eggs in the coops! However, one had been eaten and we found the shell pulled out of the nest onto the coop floor 🙁 We looked back on our Nest Cam video and saw one of the IRA Brown hens pull the shell out onto the floor after an Easter Egger hen had been eating it. Don’t know who the original culprit was because it was too dark inside the coop nest. This is a nasty habit, hope I don’t see it again!


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