Beauty, one of our year old Wyandotte hens, is broody! We do not have a rooster so she is sitting on unfertilized eggs in a carpet covered nest.
That is quite unsatisfactory so we removed the unfertilized eggs, bought a dozen light blue fertilized Ameraucana eggs and placed her on them at 4:30 p.m. today, March 25, 2017.
She was not use to the pine shavings we added to the nest to cushion the eggs so had to be replaced on the nest a couple of times. We also folded the nest curtain back to allow the Nest Cam to view her on the nest.
ameracana fertile eggs

Here she is out for a walk in her covered run and discovering that she is separated from the other hens while we add the fertilized eggs to her nest.
It looks like Beauty has accepted all the changes and is happily sitting on the new eggs now.
We have 21 days to see how many chicks hatch!

Day Two: March 26, 2017

Our large chicken pen has two coops that are connected with a covered run but handy husband Scott has erected a run barrier so the Flock can’t access the broody coop. The coop that Beauty, the broody hen, is calmly resting in had been used by the entire flock of 12 hens for about three months. Now the rest of the flock must sleep and lay eggs in their former juvenile coop. They did fine last night finding roosting space for the first night of the swap. This morning they seem rather frantic at not being able to get into their old coop to lay eggs! Even with the live Nest Cam we haven’t been able to catch her coming off the nest to eat, drink or poop. She is sitting tight!

Day Three March 27

The Flock has settled into the swap coop and by 10 a.m. this morning we already have 10 eggs laid from 11 hens. Beauty, the broody hen, is still sitting tight on those fertilized Ameraucana eggs.
At noon Beauty finally decided to take a 20 minute break to eat, drink and take a dust bath. I sure was glad to see nature’s call at work-had been wondering if she would starve from staying on the eggs for 20 solid hours:)

Day Four March 28

Beauty was off her eggs again at noon today eating, drinking and dustbathing.
She returned to sit on the eggs after about an hour of being out and about.

Day Five March 29

Beauty was off the nest at 3 p.m. when I got home from the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival but she returned to the nest shortly.
day5fertilized eggs

Day Six March 30

Every time we checked the Nest Cam today Beauty was sitting on the eggs! Did she get up to eat? It was a beautiful warm day. Hope she enjoyed it 🙂

Day Seven March 31

Beauty was out and about in her coop and run at 12:30 this afternoon!

Day Eight April 1

Despite checking the Nest Cam often today, we have not caught her out of the nest! She missed a beautiful warm but windy April Fool’s Day 🙂

Day Nine April 2

We got a peek at the eggs today when Beauty went into the run for her beauty dust bath shortly after noon!

Day Ten April 3

We had a very stormy day with lots of weather alarms and Beauty was sitting on the nest every time we checked on her. Good Mama!

Day Eleven April 4

Noon was walkabout time for Beauty today. She stayed in the run for about 10 minutes dustbathing and preening and scratching in the dirt. You can see that she has been moving/turning these eggs 🙂

Day Twelve April 5

We had many severe thunderstorm warnings today and are under a tornado watch. We repeatedly checked the live Nest Cam but Broody hen Beauty never was seen off the nest today.

Day Thirteen April 6

We did not catch Beauty off the nest of 12 fertilized Ameraucana eggs on this cool, very windy day.

Day Fourteen April 7

Yea, we saw Beauty leaving the nest for her daily dust bath around noon today!

Day Fifteen April 8

Thank goodness for this broody hen! She kept her eggs nice and warm while the temperature dropped into the 30s last night.

Day Sixteen April 9

Beauty came off the eggs to dust bathe, eat and drink around noon today. She has definitely acquired the Broody hen demeanor and is spreading her feathers and facing off with other hens through the run fencing.


Day Seventeen April 10

This picture concerned us for a bit last night, because she seemed to forget that egg. She eventually did get it back under her. We did not see her off the nest at all on this beautiful day.

Day Eighteen April 11

When Beauty left the nest around noon for a dust bath only eleven eggs were in the nest. It seems she ate one egg that did not develop because some yolk stains were visible on a few wood chips.

Day Nineteen April 12

Well, Beauty wasn’t seen off her eggs today. We leave for a family reunion tomorrow and these eggs are due to hatch in one or two days! Sure hope she is successful and has some baby chicks to raise. She certainly has sat tight on these eggs!

Day Twenty April 13

Beauty got off the nest so we could see that eleven eggs are ready to hatch. She looked like she really enjoyed her dust bath. She can’t realize that her calm days of sitting on eggs are about to be over. We left for a Louisiana family reunion and dear friend Donna is collecting eggs from Beauty’s flock mates. Beauty is totally in charge of her broody coop and has plenty of water and starter crumbles for her and the new chicks.

Day Twenty-One April 14

Family members at the reunion are waiting with baited breath for these chicks to hatch 🙂

Day Twenty Two April 15

We have baby chicks! They all stayed in the nest with Mama but were seen running around her.

Day Twenty Three April 16

Beauty had the baby chicks out of the nest in the sand covered coop. She showed them where to find food and water and one baby chick went down the ramp into the run. He (it has to be a male) was not happy to be separated from the flock and his peeping attracted the attention of the older hens in the chicken pen. When we returned home Sunday evening we found our worries for him weren’t needed. He was in the nest with his Mama and the other chicks. Thank Goodness!!

Nine Three Day Old Ameraucana Chicks April 17, 2017

I cleared the broken egg shells and one intact egg that did not hatch from the nest.






April 22, 2017 One Week Old Chicks

It’s hard to photograph these chicks when Mama Beauty calls them to hide when I appear at the coop!

May 11, 2017 Three week old chicks roost with Mama

May 16,2017 Month old Americauna chicks are on their own! Mama is already laying eggs so joined the flock again. She is very submissive so is being picked on by a couple of bully hens.

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