Scott and I married nine years ago, a few years after both of our first spouses had died after thirty five year marriages. At the time we married I was a public school Speech Pathologist and he had retired from the insurance business but supervised a tree farm. He grew up on a farm but never had chickens. I grew up in the suburbs but had owned chickens thirty years ago during my first marriage on my family’s 40 acre ranch in Oklahoma.

We both feel blessed to have the opportunity to share the rest of our life experiences. Unfortunately, five years after our marriage I was diagnosed with cancer which required surgery and radiation treatments. During this emotional time, I wanted something new to think about so asked Scott to build a Chicken Tractor. My wonderful husband was up for anything that made me happy and that is how this middle Georgia Lake Sinclair couple became chicken keepers!

chicks' lake view

Chicks’ lake view


Our serene lakeside home gives us the feeling that we are always on holiday. This hovering around 70 couple (me a tad below and Scott three tads above) 🙂 decided to expand our horizons and bought a travel trailer. We enjoyed traveling and camping so much that months later we bought a dream motor home and the adventures continue…..but that is another story 🙂



Driver Scott and our Motor home


Making Memories



DSC_0866 (2)


Sharing the adventure is simply the Best!

what's cooking

What’s cooking?


Mountain camping with Sister Mary


Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Fun in the Sun


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