April 10, 2017

We made a feeder that can hold an entire large bag of pellets because we are heading out of town for a family reunion. We are hoping that they accept the new feeder so their feeding issue during our trip is solved! They have an automatic dog watering bowl that is connected to a hose so providing water during our trip is not a problem.
Wouldn’t you know that before they even found the food by looking inside the pvc pipe, they found and decided to eat the clear silicone caulking holding the six 3 inch pvc 90 degree elbow pipes! All those chemicals can’t be good for them so the feeder went back to hubby’s shop for some adjustments! He covered the caulking with wood squares that were screwed onto the plastic container. The locking lid on the feeder makes it more secure and waterproof.
Tomorrow is another day and they have two days to begin using this feeder before we leave on vacation for five days. Oh my, fingers are crossed here!
April 11 Update:
This morning I added more pellets to each pvc pipe so that the feed could easily be seen and by the afternoon the hens were using the new feeder. Hurrah!

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