Feb. 1, 2016

Today we added curtains to cover the coop nest boxes to encourage the hens to roost at night instead of sleeping in the nests. We were hoping that they would not be too scared to go into the nest boxes to lay their eggs. Within an hour of adding the new curtains, I found an egg in one of the nests 🙂



UPDATE 2/5/2017
After they became accustomed to the curtains, one or two hens returned to sleeping on the railing of the nest! I think the nests will need to be blocked at night to get them to return to roosting. The Nest camera allows us to see their night time sleeping preferences. I wonder if a chicken on the lower end of the pecking line just doesn’t want to sleep next to the bullying chickens. I can see roosting space available at night that is not being used by a couple of hens who choose to sleep on the sand floor or nest railing. Outdoor imitation grass carpeting nest liners make daily clean up a simple shake out of the carpeting.

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