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It is so interesting to watch the chickens come and go from the coop during the day. When day is done and the lights go out, the chicks immediately go to sleep in the nest boxes or perched on a nest box divider. They are not using the big girl roost with any regularity yet. The most activity you might see in your night time view of the coop is a moth flying around 🙂

Update: 12/2016 As you can see by checking the nest cams, the hens are sleeping in one coop and laying their eggs in the other coop! This is a surprising development because you would not believe 12 hens would fit in one coop. They sleep with half of them on the coop floor and the other half on the two roosts. We had to put cardboard boxes in the nests in the sleeping coop to keep the large amount of nightly poop contained on the sand floor because several hens preferred to sleep in a nest box.

When twelve chickens with similar coloring arrive in your coop how do you tell them apart? Leg bands seemed the perfect answer. We ordered colored elastic bands first. They come in several sizes. The ones we ordered were too small, too fast so we removed them. After reviewing options on Amazon we ordered colored plastic bands with charms! Cute 🙂 but alas the  chicks’ legs were growing too fast and the bands had to be cut off too soon. After two disappointing experiences, my advice is to forgo leg bands for growing chicks!