I am feeding the 5 week old chicks bread twice a day and they are learning to take this treat (which they seem to love) from my hands while I say “Here Chick, Chick”. I will use that phrase to call them when they are free ranging and they will run to me as our last flock did 🙂 The ISA Browns were the quickest to learn to take a bite from bread I held in my hands and the Easter Eggers were the shyest. We have worked on this for three days now and the Easter Eggers are still very timid. The ISA Browns rush in first to get repeated bites with the White Leghorns joining in a bit slower.


Chickens are very quick to identify actions resulting in food, their biggest motivator! Their pen is near our home and when they hear our door open they rush to get close to us to receive treats. The ISA Browns, Easter Eggers and White Leghorns seem equally quick in their rush to the pen door when someone approaches. The White Wyandottes are the largest hens and do not join the crowd rushing to exit the pen to free range but they will eventually make their way out of the pen to scratch in the grass and Fall leaves.

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